Four-Row Xylophone Comments Off on Four-Row Xylophone

Four-Row Xylophone

  (1993-02-26) Donated by the Celeste and Emil Richards Estate. The Continental, or four-row xylophone, has existed since the late 1700s. It became extremely popular in Europe through performances by...

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Leedy Concert Grand Marimba Comments Off on Leedy Concert Grand Marimba

Leedy Concert Grand Marimba

  (2005-01-01) Donated by Jack E. Rumbley The Concert Grand model marimba was the top-line brand name utilized by the Leedy Mfg. Co. in the early 20th Century. It was available in 3-, 3 1/2-, and...

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Leedy Octarimba Comments Off on Leedy Octarimba

Leedy Octarimba

Made by Leedy Drum Co. circa 1930s. Instrument donated by the Celeste and Emil Richards Estate. The Octarimba was designed by the Leedy Drum Company to combine the ‘full resonant speaking voice of the...

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Leedy Solo-Tone Broadcaster Xylophone 0

Leedy Solo-Tone Broadcaster Xylophone

(1993-01-10) Donated by Carroll Bratman After a short joint venture with partner Sam Cooley in 1898, Ulysses G. Leedy incorporated his Leedy Manufacturing Company, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1900....

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Leedy Solo-Tone Marimba Comments Off on Leedy Solo-Tone Marimba

Leedy Solo-Tone Marimba

  (2007-13-01) Donated by William MacMillan Jr. This Leedy Solo-Tone Marimba, Model 5610, was donated to the PAS Museum by Judge William MacMillan Jr. from Dayton, Ohio. The instrument, which he has...

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Leedy Vibraphone Comments Off on Leedy Vibraphone

Leedy Vibraphone

Herman Winterhoff, of the Leedy Manufacturing Company, began experiments around 1916 to create a vox humana or tremolo effect on the company’s steel marimbaphone. After initial attempts that raised and...

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Leedy Xylophone (Haskell Harr) Comments Off on Leedy Xylophone (Haskell Harr)

Leedy Xylophone (Haskell Harr)

PAS Hall of Fame member Haskell Harr may be best remembered as the author of the popular elementary drum methods, but he was also an active performer and educator throughout his long career. Harr began...

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Marimba con Tecomates 0

Marimba con Tecomates

Marimba Con Tecomates   (1993-02-25) Donated by the Celeste and Emil Richards Estate. The Guatemalan marimba most like the instrument brought to the New World from Africa is the Guatemalan Indian marimba...

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Marimba Grande Comments Off on Marimba Grande

Marimba Grande

Marimba Grande Donated by University of Miami, Florida The marimba grande is the larger of the two instruments that make up the marimba doble (double marimba). Seven people are needed to play the two...

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Mayland Tubular Chimes Comments Off on Mayland Tubular Chimes

Mayland Tubular Chimes

(1993-01-86) Donated by Carroll Bratman As a substitute for large church bells, instrument manufacturers began marketing tubular chimes during the latter part of the 19th century. These chimes were at first...

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Musser’s Celestaphone 0

Musser’s Celestaphone

  Donated by Perry and Nancy Preusch Inspired by Halley’s Comet, the Celestaphone was constructed by Clair O. Musser as a combination of his interests in music, astronomy, meteorology, metallurgy,...

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Musser Prototype Amplified Vibraphones Comments Off on Musser Prototype Amplified Vibraphones

Musser Prototype Amplified Vibraphones

(2002-10-03 and 2002-10-04) Donated by the Celeste and Emil Richards Estate. Clair Musser’s interest in amplified vibraphone design dates from the late 1920s, with his work on the Marimba Celeste...

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Zapotecano Comments Off on Zapotecano


(1993-02-01) Donated by the Celeste and Emil Richards Estate. Native to the Central American countries of Guatemala and Mexico, buzz marimbas, also known as a zapotecano, are considered by many to be the...

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