Karl C. Glassman’s Ludwig & Ludwig Timpani Comments Off on Karl C. Glassman’s Ludwig & Ludwig Timpani

Karl C. Glassman’s Ludwig & Ludwig Timpani

(2009-14-01 and 2009-14-02) Donated by Edward Cleino Karl C. Glassman (August 15, 1883 – October 11, 1975) was born in Breslau, Germany (now Wroc?ow, Poland), emigrated to the United States with his parents...

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Ringer Timpano 0

Ringer Timpano

(2002-01-01) Donated by Gregory W. White. Immediately following World War II, Günter Ringer, father of the timpanist of the Berlin Philharmonic, recognized the need for the manufacture of high-quality,...

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Small Timpani 0

Small Timpani

(2010-04-01) Donated by Jerome and Lisa Deupree Timpani, or pitched drums, have existed in various sizes for hundreds of years. As technological advances occurred, whether it was in the types of materials...

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(1993-01-05) Donated by Carol Bratman Timbalettes are a pair of small, mounted, tunable drums modeled after larger timpani or kettledrums. Manufactured in France by the ASBA company, it is apparent that the...

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