Military and Field Drums

Royal Air-Force Parade Drum 0

Royal Air-Force Parade Drum

(2009-08-01) This drum was purchased with funds given by Ruth Komanoff Underwood in honor of Lauren Vogel Weiss Historically, parade drums are large-sized instruments that are used to march military troops...

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WFL Rope-Tensioned Field Drum Comments Off on WFL Rope-Tensioned Field Drum

WFL Rope-Tensioned Field Drum

During the Second World War, restrictions were placed on the manufacture of musical instruments and other objects considered non-essential to the war effort in the United States. The metal components in these...

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Wurlitzer Bass Drum, Model No.1460 Comments Off on Wurlitzer Bass Drum, Model No.1460

Wurlitzer Bass Drum, Model No.1460

The Rudolph Wurlitzer Company was established in 1856 in Cincinnati, Ohio by Rudolph Wurlitzer (1831–1941), a German immigrant whose family had manufactured and sold musical instruments for over a century...

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