Bob Tilles’ Ludwig Drumset 0

Bob Tilles’ Ludwig Drumset

(2007-10-01) Donated by Mrs. Jackie Tilles Robert L. “Bob” Tilles (1920–1976) served as Professor of Percussion and Head of the Percussion Department at DePaul University in Chicago for the last 16 years of...

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Cozy Cole’s Drumset Comments Off on Cozy Cole’s Drumset

Cozy Cole’s Drumset

Donated by Capital University and Pearl Drums The drumset that Cozy Cole performed on in the last years of his illustrious career is a fiberglass Pearl kit with a 16 x 20 bass drum, 8 x 12 rack tom, 14 x 14...

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E.W. Kent, No. 1500 Drum Outfit Comments Off on E.W. Kent, No. 1500 Drum Outfit

E.W. Kent, No. 1500 Drum Outfit

(2010-01-01) Donated by Monty Ewing The E.W. Kent Manufacturing Company was established in the latter part of the 1940s by two brothers, Ed and Bill Kent. Located in Kenmore, New York, they produced...

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Fletcher Henderson’s Bass Drum Kit 0

Fletcher Henderson’s Bass Drum Kit

(2006-01-03) Donated by Charlie Benton Fletcher Henderson (1898–1952) was one of the most influential pianists, band leaders, and arrangers in the history of jazz. He was the most commercially successful...

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Ludwig & Ludwig ‘Stipelgold’ Bass Drum Comments Off on Ludwig & Ludwig ‘Stipelgold’ Bass Drum

Ludwig & Ludwig ‘Stipelgold’ Bass Drum

Donated by Joel Leach This bass drum was the centerpiece of the trap set used during the twenties and thirties by Jack O’Grady’s Varsity Entertainers in Terre Haute, Indiana. John J....

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Perfection De Lux Drum Outfit 0

Perfection De Lux Drum Outfit

Manufactured by Walberg and Auge of Worcester, Mass., the “Perfection” brand of percussion instruments was widely sold to “jobbing” drummers both prior to and after World War I. In addition to having a...

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Roy Knapp’s Trap Set 0

Roy Knapp’s Trap Set

PAS Hall of Fame member Roy C. Knapp, known as the ‘Dean of Percussion’ by his many students, had an illustrious career as a performer and teacher in the Chicago area. His better-known students...

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Shelly Manne Exhibit Comments Off on Shelly Manne Exhibit

Shelly Manne Exhibit

The Shelly Manne exhibit in the Rhythm! Discovery Center includes a variety of drums and cymbals that Manne played during the 1960s and 1970s, as well as reproductions of pages Manne appeared on in old Leedy...

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The Barry Collapsible Drumset 0

The Barry Collapsible Drumset

The collapsible drumset was designed and produced by the Barry Drum Manufacturing Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the early part of the century. Recommended for use by traveling drummers in dance...

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WFL “Victorious” Drumset 0

WFL “Victorious” Drumset

(2009-06-01) Donated by Mike Stobie to honor the service of his father, James H. Stobie, in the U.S. Navy during WWII During the Second World War, restrictions were placed on the manufacture of musical...

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