No Drummers, No Direction


Exhibitor Co-Curators

John R. Beck
Otice Sircy
Jeff Hartsough
Jacob Sheff


Exhibit Design & Installation Special Thank You

Erin Hetrick, Genius Fish
Elizabeth Quay, R!DC Museum Museum & Registrar


Touch Screen Exhibit Special Thank You

Tianxiao Jia “TJ”
Marianella Moreno, PAS Interactive Technology & Media Director


Rhythm! Friend Donors ($200-$999)

John R Beck
Gordon Stout


Contributors ($0-$199)

John H. Beck
Jim Casella
Peter Erskine
Jeff Hartsough
Julie Hill
Anna Provo
Lisa Rogers
Jim Rupp
Brian West
Brian Zator


In-Kind Sponsorships

John Crocken
Jim Smith
Andy Reamer – Drummers Service
Jim and Patsy Ellis – Cooperman Fife & Drums
Paul Ackerman, West Point Museum
Lance Pedigo and the The Colonial Williamsburg Fifes & Drums
Jeff Prosperie and the West Point Hellcats
Michael Hooke and the US Army Band
Stacy Loggins and the US Navy Band
Glenn Paulson and the US Marine Band
Chris Martin and the US Air Force Band
Robert McEwan and the US Coast Guard Band
Markus Estermann and the Swiss Drummer and Fifer Association (STPV)