Instrument Donations

We hope you will consider making a personal donation to the Rhythm! Discovery Center’s collection of over 800 percussion instruments and extensive library of percussion literature and archived materials. Donations that are accepted into the museum and library collections are cared for and maintained by trained museum professionals and percussionists who have the knowledge and skill to sustain your legacy. All contributions to the Rhythm! Discovery Center are tax deductible, according to IRS rules and regulations.

To assist the Rhythm! Discovery Center in considering your offer, please provide the following information about your potential donation:

– the object’s provenance (country of origin), its chain of ownership history, and what you consider most interesting about its historic significance

– a brief physical description of the object, including estimated dimensions and approximate weight;

– its general condition, along with an estimate of required repairs or cleaning;

– digital photographs, if possible.

– for archival, library, and other paper-based donations, please estimate the approximate number and size of boxes containing your proposed donation, the approximate total weight, and the kinds of material you are offering.

Please e-mail Otice Sircy, Curator/Librarian, at or call 317-275-9030 to provide this information. We are always eager to discuss potential donations and to answer concerns or questions about the donation process

Invest in Rhythm!

Your generous donation will directly support Rhythm! community programs, help maintain the instruments in our interactive area and provide funding for the development of new exhibits. Rhythm! also has Sponsorship and Planned Giving programs. To inquire further, contact or call 317-275-9030.

The Ralph Pace Museum Fund

The Ralph Pace Museum Fund is an endowed fund for the purpose of acquiring rare and unusual instruments and artifacts to enhance the Rhythm! Discovery Center collection. Founded with an initial contribution in 2007 by Ralph Pace Jr. the fund was established in memory of his father, Ralph C. Pace. Pace was an innovative and prominent percussion author, educator and inventor. A lifelong performer and teacher, he wrote eleven influential percussion method books, most notably “Variations of Drumming” patented in 1949. He also patented “Set the Pace” Pedal Practice Pads, the first drumset of silent practice pads made of wood and rubber that were used in thousands of teaching studios throughout the country.

Instruments already acquired through the financial assistance of this fund include a special edition Ludwig World War II rope field drum and the Stephen Joseph Collection containing over 75 unique and rare antique bass drum pedals from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Your donation to this fund will directly support future acquisitions contributing to the most significant percussion instrument and archive collection in the world.

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